HOUSTON -- In the world of online dating, there are now hook ups for cheating spouses.

The online service Ashley Madison is based in Canada and started in 2002. Today it boasts 17 million anonymous members.

In a recent survey of its members, the website named Houston the 3rd most adulterous city in America. The Bayou City moved up from No. 8.

Last year, 64,000 folks in Houston signed up. Why? KHOU 11 News went to Benjy's on Washington Avenue to find out.

Eric Momberger has been married 19 years.

We are number 4 largest city in America? So by proportion might be fair, said Momberger.

At a nearby table, a group of twenty-something ladies had other ideas.

Oil and gas! They're the cheaters, said Ashley Reiland.

Janie Richardson added Old money.

Susanna Wilson said, Business people.

The website charges $49 to start.

The site's founder and CEO, Noel Biderman said he s happily married, but explained, If I woke up like 20 million Americans do, in a sexless marriage - I sure as heck didn't sign up for that. I'm not interested in being a priest.

Instead of giving up his kids, finances and stability, Biderman said, I would definitely have an affair before I got a divorce.

So Ashley Madison, the cheater s website, claims it s actually saving marriages.

One of the busiest days of the year for new member sign ups on the cheating website is February 15 -- the day after Valentine s Day. The site says that is driven largely by married women.

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