HOUSTON -- Neighbors near the intersection of Imogene Street and Ariel Street in southwest Houston hope the capture of a burglar Monday afternoon will help end a series of burglaries and home break-ins.

Neighbors say there have been at least 11 daytime break-ins in the neighborhood in the last two months.

Homeowners who were suspicious of a man riding a child s bicycle on Imogene Street on Monday led to the capture of a man with a day s worth of work hidden in his pockets.

The caller said it was male, wearing all black on a black bicycle walking around knocking on doors, said HPD officer Kevin Parker.

Parker and another Houston police officer found the bicycle in front of a house on Imogene with a door that appeared to have been kicked in.

A man inside bolted and ran when officers announced themselves. The foot chase lasted several blocks. The officers caught the suspect near an apartment complex and found coins and jewelry in his pockets.

Parker said a quick look at his criminal record showed the suspect had a history of burglary and evading police.

I think that there's somebody else involved, said neighbor Jim Chadwick who says he is a self-appointed patrolman in the neighborhood. I've been a victim so many times. They stole two of my cars. Stole all my furniture. But this is years ago. I'm just fed up.

A lot of these citizens in this neighborhood off of Imogene and Ariel are tired of their houses getting broken into and we re just glad as the burglary apprehension team we're out here able to serve them and catch burglars and put them away, keep them out of your house, said Parker.

Houston police say neighbors have complained of daytime burglars going door to door, knocking to see if anyone is home, then either kicking in the front door or even using a doggie door to get inside.

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