HOUSTON -- The Bush family is the latest victim of e-mail hackers, according to a report on the website The Smoking Gun.

Hackers posted private photos allegedly stolen from a Bush family member'se-mail account, including a photo of former president George H. W. Bush in the hospital. Also in the hacked material is a confidential list of family members home addresses, cell phone numbers, and even access gate codes to get onthe president s property.

The leaked photos all carry a watermark with the alleged hacker s online name.

Reached on her cell phone, daughter Dorothy Bush said she was unaware that her account was hacked. Why would someone do this? asked the 53-year-old Bush, reported The Smoking Gun.

A spokesman for former President George H.W. Bush confirmed that an investigation was underway but declined further comment.

We do not comment on matters under criminal investigation, spokesman Jim McGrath told the Houston Chronicle.

Along with photos, personal e-mails between the Bush siblings were also leaked. One e-mail came from former President George W. Bush, asking his brothers and sister for personal stories and jokes that he could use as he was thinking about a eulogy for his father, who was in a Houston hospital at the time.George W.also said he hoped he was jumping the gun.

The Secret Service is investigating the crime.

The hacker told The Smoking Gun the feds have been investigating him for a long time and he s already hacked hundreds of accounts without getting caught.

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