HOUSTON -- There are dozens of energy drinks on the market, but a new product has a name that s causing a stir in a Houston neighborhood.

I think it s disgraceful, said Emma Broussard, an officer with the Independence Heights Super Neighborhood Association. I don t want this out here.

Other members of the association agreed.

This is not the kind of thing we want our children to see, said John Branch.

The drink uses a slang term that refers to part of the female anatomy.

Neighbors complained because the product was being sold at a store at Crosstimbers and Yale, not far from a local school. In the past, the area had been a haven for prostitutes.

And this is like prostitution in a can, said Branch.

But not according to the British-based manufacturer.

They said their drink was an all-natural alternative to other energy drinks, and insisted the name was all in good fun.

But people near the store threatened to protest to have the product removed.

After KHOU 11 News informed the store owner about the complaints, he promised to immediately stop selling the drink.

The owner said he had no idea so many people felt offended.

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