HOUSTON - Normally when a person robs a cell phone store, they make off with phones.

But on Saturday morning, a man seen on surveillance tape did not take even one.

All he took was the money in the cash register. As it turned out, there was not even much.

It happened at the Cricket store at 3007 South Dairy Ashford just after 11 a.m. Two surveillance cameras show a man in red lingering around the store.

At one point, it looks like he is about to make a purchase. But then he goes back behind the counter. He pulls out a large knife and demands that the drawer be opened.

The clerk did not want her identity to be revealed as she describes what happened next.

Well he said um that he knew we had more money around the store and that he needed all the money around the store and I told him I didn t have any more money at all, she said.

She said he looked upset before he left. The suspect walked out of the store, crossed the street, and entered an apartment complex.

The clerk said the suspect had tattoos on his arms and hands.

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