PEARLAND -- A shooting erupted in an upscale Pearland neighborhood Thursday evening.

A woman chased her boyfriend down with a gun into a neighbor s backyard, before turning the gun on herself.

Pearland police say the woman shot and wounded her boyfriend in their home and he ran away trying to escape.

The Waddells were playing catch in their backyard when it all happened.

Chad Waddell heard, Muffled gunshots probably from inside of a house and then immediately sirens. Next thing I heard six of them (gunshots) close... I can tell it s outside .

The father quickly put his son in the house and then grabbed his pistol -- just in case.

A few doors down, Bradford Roland looked out his kitchen window, I heard a woman screaming. I saw her carrying a gun. The college student said I locked the doors and everything and prayed.

The woman cornered her boyfriend in a backyard and fired twice, but didn t hit anyone. An officer tried to get her to put down the weapon, but she shot and killed herself.

Neighbors are not surprised.

Last year, the woman showed up at the Jones household in the middle of the night, bruised and holding a guitar.

Shell Project Engineer Steve Jones remembered, He s a big guy, very big guy. She said Just look at little old me. So she said that s why she had the guitar to ward him off.

Stephanie Waddell said, As a mother of four kids, it s scary knowing a lady was out in the street with a gun, shooting the boyfriend. One of the bullets could ve hit a kid or anyone.

It wasn t immediately clear if the woman fired the gun in the street.

Life Flight took the boyfriend to Memorial Hermann Hospital with a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

Pearland police say they have filed six family violence reports involving the couple in the past two years.

Neighbors say the woman had recently moved back in with her boyfriend.

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