HOUSTON Neighbors in a southwest Houston neighborhood were on high alert after a pair of suspects shot a woman through a front door during an attempted home invasion late Wednesday, according to Houston police.

Police said a 59-year-old woman was taking out her trash around midnight on Vendi Drive at Abruzzo when two armed men stormed her.

They forced the woman back to her home, but when she opened the door, her alarm sounded.

The suspects ordered the woman to shut the alarm off, and just as she was about to do so, she made the quick decision to slam the door on them.

That is when bullets rang out. The suspects fired through the door, shooting the woman in the leg.

Neighbors were terrified after learning what happened.

It s really scary. I m going to school right now. Imagine if he would just pop up and say give me your things. So yeah, it is really scary, said Jasmine Rubio.

Rene Rivera said someone kicked his door in and broke into his home a few months ago. He is now worried for the safety of his wife and three kids.

I m scared about that. I don t know what s going to happen next to my house, Rivera said.

The victimwas taken to the hospital in stable condition

Police were not given a good description of the suspects. Both remain on the loose.

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