GALVESTON The Galveston County District Attorney s Office is investigating a county court judge after receiving a complaint that claims the judge possibly abused his official capacity.

The complaint stems from a Dec. 27 letter from attorney Greg Enos, who urged an investigation into Judge Christopher Dupuy of County Court at Law No. 3.

Enos claims in the letter he has circumstantial evidence that Dupuy used county equipment or software to provide legal assistance to a woman. Enos says Dupuy is dating the woman and might have used county equipment to help her in a family law matter, which could be a violation of the state s penal code related to abuse of official capacity.

Dupuy, who was elected judge in a 2010 Republican landslide, denied Enos allegations in a statement to The Daily News, calling them ridiculous and baseless.

There s no need to respond to ridiculous, baseless allegations made by a partisan Democrat to a socialist newspaper, Dupuy said.

Dupuy also said he was saddened Enos would chose to fabricate allegations when he has no proof.

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