HOUSTON -- A Houston politician, who s also a doctor, raised some eyebrows on Wednesday after speaking out against the flu vaccine.

City council member Jack Christie, who serves the entire city as At-Large Position 5 Council Member, voted to reject federal money for childhood immunizations.

I'm going to vote against this, said Christie. You don't die from the flu.

Later, the councilman said that he's never been vaccinated against the flu. He also said he blames drug companies and the media for deliberately scaring people.

The average person does not have the knowledge of physiology, immunology, anatomy, anything that understands how the human body works, said Christie. Natural immunity is the best prevention.

In the end, the city council voted to accept $3 million for childhood vaccinations. None of the federal money will be used for the flu vaccine.

Councilman Christie was the only dissenting vote.

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