HOUSTON Approximately 400 water customers in northwest Harris County near Brittmoore and W. Little York Road have been without water service since last Thursday.

On Monday, five days after the outage began, Aqua Texas said it struggles to repair the problem.

I have 400,000 square foot of tenants in this building, said property manager Dale Davison at the Beltway Industrial Park on W. Little York. And it s not just me that s suffering, it s their business, their livelihood.

Davison has since rented portable restrooms for his tenants and parked them in the industrial park parking lot. But other businesses nearby, like Russo s New York Pizzeria on W. Little York, were closed Monday citing the lack of water and workable restroom facilities as the reason.

The area affected stretches between W. Little York and Tanner and west of Brittmoore. The customers include a large number of commercial businesses, one subdivision, an apartment complex, and two mobile home parks.

Aqua Texas president Bob Laughman said a contractor working at a construction site on Brittmoore north of Tanner asked for permission to temporarily move the main 8-inch water line last Thursday. But he said that when the line was put back in place the couplings did not hold.

Laughman said third party repair crews have been struggling to make a permanent fix ever since and they thought the system was finally stable at 1:30 Monday afternoon. But Laughman said as they were pressurizing the system that another leak developed in a 4-inch line. As of 4:30 p.m. crews were still trying to locate and repair that additional leak before the system could be placed back on line.

In the meantime customers in the affected area were being warned to boil their water for at least the first 24 hours after the water system is repaired. Aqua Texas said it also plans to deliver as much bottled water as possible to residents in the area. Residents, however, still reported that water service was still out.

It s been a frustrating problem, said Laughman. We know it s a lot more frustrating for our customers so we sincerely apologize. It was on our watch.

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