HOUSTON -- Just after 11 p.m. on New Year s Day, two men allegedly walked up to Dalila Carrasco s home in North Houston and starting shooting at the house.

The scene was captured on her surveillance cameras. The men appear to be leaving in a red, four-door truck.

Inside the home at the time were five kids, ages 3 to 11. Some of them were playing in the front living room.

Juan Carrasco, 11, said at first he thought it was the sound of fireworks. His younger sister points to where bullets dented their door.

No one was injured; however, the family s sense of security is shattered.

Uncomfortable in the house, is how Juan describes it now. Not safe.

The family says they have an idea of who may be responsible. They claim they gave names to Houston police, along with the video they shared with KHOU 11 News.

So far, they say they have not heard back.

I don t go outside, said Dalila Carrasco. I don t let my kids go outside. You know, I don t feel safe in my house.

She worries that whoever could be capable of doing this once could be capable of doing it again. The next time she worries someone might get hurt or even killed.

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