PASADENA, Texas -- Flames with unusual strength shot out of the windows of a home at San Jacinto Drive and Kolb Road Thursday night.

As Pasadena firefighters closed in, they soon say why.

Fire officials said the couple who lived there had stored a lot. There was so much inside, it made the fire difficult to contain.

It also made them uncertain as to whether people or pets were be trapped.

The flames were so strong it took firefighters hours to get inside. As neighbors watched, some said they suspected there were issues with clutter based on the appearance of the backyard.

Hadn t been cleaned in years and weeds real tall, neighbor Diana Kelly said. And I mean dead cats all back there and stuff.

Fortunately, the couple was not home at the time of the fire.

The fire did not spread, and no one was hurt.

Investigators said a space heater is to blame for the blaze.

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