DALLAS -- Six fans from Houston had anticipated the Cowboys-Steelers matchup since last spring. They each paid $300 to Maximum Sports Connection for a pre-game tailgate party and seats to the game.

When they arrived for the tailgate party, they were told there were no tickets; that Maximum had oversold the game.

They were given the option of standing room only tickets or getting their money back.

The Houston fans elected to get their money back, but so far, they haven't seen it.

Busloads of other fans who purchased packages from Maximum were stood up as well.

The group from Memphis, I know spent $10,500 just to come down to Dallas, said Houston resident Tina Thomas. And the numbers start adding up, and she is pocketing this money.

She is Ronni Sokol, who runs Maximum Sports Connection out of a P.O. Box in Dallas. Maximum markets ticket/tailgate packages with access to former Dallas Cowboys stars.

Richard Harris, one of the six fans from Houston who talked to News 8, said Sokol has a checkered past. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram cites past complaints from ticket-less fans.

Until something is done, this is going to happen every single year, said Thomas, one of the Houston fans.

Two other couples said they did not just lose the ticket money on their Cowboys-Steelers weekend; they paid for hotel, food, gas, and care for their children.

We had to get pre-arrangement with relatives to come in and take care of our kids, Rodney Fielder said.

All of the victims said Maximum Sports knew days ahead of time there were no tickets available for the fans, but instead waited until they had already arrived in Dallas to tell them.

None of the employees seemed to have any empathy, Tanya Harris said. It was almost as if we were aggravating them because we wanted some answers.

News 8 called Maximum Sports Connection and spoke to a woman identifying herself as Chelsea Brown. She said she would have Ronni Sokol call us back.

So far, that has not happened.

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