HOUSTON - People braved a cold Thursday night for hot new Nike Air Jordan sneakers that went on sale Friday.

The Active Athlete Store only had 50 pair for sale, but that did not stop more than a hundred people from lining up for a chance to purchase the new edition of the popular shoe line.

They ve got to have my baby s size, Tari Dewberry, said as she waited outside the store on Wilcrest near the Southwest Freeway.

The store quickly began running out of sizes after it opened at 10 a.m. Friday.

Consuelo Jackson was the first in line after she waited 14 hours.

What does she tell people who think she might be crazy for waiting so long?

Jackson said, they might be right.

The Air Jordan 11 s are also called Breds because of their black and red color. They cost nearly $200 a pair.

Many people eagerly anticipated Nike s release of the shoe.

This is something special, said Johnny Kontorovsy, 14, who waited all night for the shoes. The store ran out of his size before he even got close to getting inside.

I guess I gotta pack it up now... and go home said Kontorovsy. Many people left without the shoes, which are considered one of the hottest gifts this Christmas.

I m going to try and get them somewhere else, Lorenzo Pena said.

Some people continued to wait in line knowing their size was not available. They were hoping there had been some kind of mistake, but there wasn t.

Customers said they are confident they will be able to find the shoes at other stores.

But they are going to have wait, again.

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