HOUSTON - Texans Fever continues to spread like wildfire through the Houston area.

When thefinal gun sounded Sundayas the team wonits second straight AFC South Divisional title, Jaime Soando was on the road to buy new Texans gear.

The moment they won the game, I was out the door, out the door, Soando said.

He celebrated by purchasing a Texans flag to mount on the windshield of his car. He also bought a new license plate commemorating the win.

Soando said he had big plans for his ride. He wants a window sticker, but Academy was sold out.

I m waiting for AFC Champions! AFC Champions, Soando said. He is also considering a new paint job - maybe a battle red paint job. He knows the team s 12-2 record is uncharted territory.

This is very very big. We win this game. The respect the city would get if they would win the AFC Championship game, he said.

But he said first things first.

I wanna go to the Super Bowl, he said.

Don Bolton is raising a flag, too.

It might be a little past game time, but it s the thought that counts.

This is the only flag I want right now. I want a Super Bowl flag. I ll have to make do with this for right now, Bolton said.

Think about this. It is still two weeks to the end of the regular season. Come playoff time, who knows what might happen, he added.

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