HOUSTON The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary has sparked a new debate about gun control and some people are calling for more regulations.

In Texas alone more than one million applications were filed in the last 11 months to purchase a firearm. Close to 17 million applications were filed nationwide. In the wake of Friday s shooting, 54 percent of Americans say they support stricter gun control.

Patrick Woods, the director of operations at Spring Guns and Ammo, said he believes something should be done.

There needs to be more training perhaps, as to the safe handling of a firearm, and there needs to be more attention paid to those who legally own a firearm but, perhaps, have not acquired the training and experience in storing it and maintaining it safely, he said.

Woods said since the November election gun sales have picked up significantly. He said he believes Friday s shooting might be the catalyst for a crackdown, either on ammunition, the sale of semi-automatic guns or both.

We would hope that the president and congress would realize where the blame really lies in the situation like this, and that s with a really disturbed man, he said. We can t blame an inanimate object for the actions of its handler.

Mihalco works in private security. He owns several guns now, but didn t have any when his kids were little.

I had some rifles and some handguns when I lived up in the northeast, then I got married and when the kids came along I got rid of the guns, he said. Only because of what I was hearing about what was happening in the news, in the schools.

He said he just wishes they were always in the right hands.

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