DALLAS -- The Dallas Cowboys-Pittsburgh Steelers game Sunday is taking on a very special meaning for one Cowboys season ticket holder who will be there.

She is alive because of a young Steelers fan, and she wants to make sure that fan is never forgotten. When the teams clash, Nefeterius McPherson will cheer mostly for Dallas, but not all of her will be for the boys in blue.

It is just going to be humbling to hold that sign and realize that a part of Taitlyn is with me at the game, and I'm actually watching her favorite team play as well as my favorite team play, McPherson said.

She is healthy after receiving the liver of 12-year-old Taitlyn Hughes of West Virginia, who was a big Steelers fan. And at the game, she'll hold a sign that says, A 12-year-old Steelers fan donated her organs and gave me the gift of life.

McPherson described her feeling when she learned of her donor, Nothing is as gut wrenching as finding out that a child saved your life.

McPherson's career took off in Dallas with DART as an media relations intern. She then she worked for Ron Kirk as Dallas mayor and again as U.S. Trade Representative following his appointment by President Obama.

Here, I have this opportunity, she said of living in Washington and working next to the White House. I'm traveling the world, I'm seeing incredible things, learning about international trade, and then all of a sudden, it just stops.

Last year, a rare bile duct condition caused a sharp deterioration of her health. She needed a liver transplant. She received Taitlyn's when the girl died suddenly from a brain hemorrhage.

With life renewed, McPherson has a new mission now.

But for me, I just really wanted to use my experience - not just my experience, Taitlyn's and mine experience - to help other people really see the importance of organ donation, she said.

In a way, they'll be at the game of their favorite teams together on Sunday.

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