HOUSTON Vernita Ellison got an early Christmas gift thanks to her husband and criminals.

US Marshals and the Harris County District Attorney s Office organized auctioned that sold good confiscated from people in prison. They said all of the items were either used in crimes or bought with money made illegally.

Items sold included a 1999 Porsche 911, pick-up trucks, furniture, flat screen televisions, jewelry, rugs and wine coolers. Proceeds from sales will be given to crime victims and law enforcement agencies. In 2012, such auctions sent $1.5 million to crime victims.

I saved two thirds off the cost (of a wine cooler) for my wife, Gene Snyder said. Now, I just have to get it home.

The bad guys need to go to prison which leaves more for us good guys, Donald Ellison said.

Ellison won the most popular auctioned item, a Porsche, with a $16,100 bid.

I m going to re-sell it, Ellison said.

It was going to be an investment until his wife, Vernita, showed up and changed his mind.

I m so glad that (the Porsche) is not red so the police won t catch me because, vroom, I m going to let it go, Vernita Ellison said.

She actually sent her husband to buy a computer, which he did. However, the car is her treat. She said it is especially sweet knowing what Donald paid is helping victims and hurting convicted criminals.

One person s loss is another one s gain and I m just excited that it came to me, Ellison said laughing.

HOUSTON -- A lot of good guys scored big at an auction in Houston.

U.S. Marshals and the Harris County District Attorney s Office organized Thursday s auction, which was made up of pricey items that once belonged to criminals.

There was everything from jewelry and flat screens, to rugs and even a 1999 Porsche 911.

Officials said all of the items were once owned by people who are now in prison. Those people either brought the stuff with dirty money or used it to hide and transport drugs.

The money collected will help victims of crime.

It's all for a good cause, said Gene Snyder who bought furniture and a cooler. It goes towards those victims and those that are innocent.

Officials said all the money raised at the auction will be split between victims and law enforcement agencies. The money will help the agencies buy everything from squad cars to guns.

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