HOUSTON -- There was a call for justice outside HPD headquarters Thursday in downtown Houston.

The community has sometimes lived in fear, said Johnny Mata, with the Coalition for Justice. They don t know if they re more fearful of the criminals in the streets, or the police department itself.

Mata and others are calling for an investigation into the death of Wilfido Joel Alfaro, who was killed by police during a 2009 raid on his home. Police said Alfaro opened fire during the raid, critically wounding officer Rick Salter, but an autopsy report released more than three years later, is raising new questions.

We find Alfaro was shot eight times in the back. That was never revealed before, said Randall Kallinen, a civil rights attorney.

Although police never found the narcotics they were searching for when they raided Alfaro s home, they said he shot officer Salter with the same model and make of weapon being used by all of the officers at the scene.

Well, it was planted, said Kallinen. The gun was planted.

HPD maintained there was nothing inappropriate about how the case was handled, adding it was investigated on three levels: by its own department, the D.A. s office and a grand jury. It also said it had nothing to do with holding up the release of the autopsy results.

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