SUGAR LAND -- A family in Sugar Land is still inshock, but grateful they are allOK after lightning made a direct hit on their home in the Greatwood community during an afternoon thunderstorm Tuesday.

Five people were at the Trainum family home when the bolt of lightning hit the upstairs bathroom.

I just heard a loud boom and ran downstairs, Amber Trainum said. Her 3-year-old triplets and 6-year-old daughter were in the den watching TV downstairs. She immediately hustled everyone out the door and into their SUV.

She works very well under pressure, probably better than I would, said Amber s husband, Bryan Trainum. I d have been the one running out, screaming like a girl.

Neighbors said they saw a red flash or red streak from down the street, and firefighters arrived almost immediately.

Firefighters saw the bolt come out of the sky and knew they were about to get a call, said Bryan.

The house suffered heavy smoke damage.

Bryan Trainum said this whole thing has him feeling a little creepy.

He said from now on he will be wary of thunderstorms and warn his kids, something he did not think about much before.

I'm never gonna tell them,'It's okay.' Get inside. Stay away from the windows, Bryan said.

The family also said they will probably play the lottery, using yesterday s date in the numbers since the saying goes: you are more likely to be struck by lightning than win the lottery.

After seeing the Trainum s story a viewer who also lives in Sugar Land contacted KHOU 11 News to say his house was also struck by lightning Tuesday, but he said the damage was not as bad as the Trainum s.

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