HURST -- It was late August when Gared Matusz was taking his 57-year-old mother to the airport to catch a flight back home to California.

He was pulled over for speeding. The officer who stopped him said she smelled marijuana. She called for backup, and Officer Disraeli Arnold arrived.

Hey buddy, get off the phone, Arnold said to Matusz within seconds of arriving.

Matusz responded with surprise.

Wow. Why are you being rude like that? he asked.

It's not visible on the video tape from the camera on the cruiser's dash cam, but Matusz claims Arnold pushed him down to the ground.

I sat down immediately and then he just hovered above me, standing right above me, Matusz said.

Matusz uses a few cuss words at Arnold. There are a few moments of silence on the tape, but based on what is audible, Arnold did not curse back at him.

Matusz was handcuffed and put in the back of a patrol car. His ill mother was outside of the truck as both officers searched for drugs. No drugs were found.

During the search, Arnold told Matusz's mother her son had been to jail for marijuana and other drugs.

He's into some illegal activities, he told her, and we believe he's continuing his illegal activities. Hence, the smell.

But Matusz said that was wrong.

I've never been arrested and put in jail for drugs, he said. I have no felonies. I have no record, no violent crimes or anything. I've been in jail for ticket stuff. But that's it.

Matusz said he takes responsibility for what he said to Arnold.

I overreacted and I was verbally abusing the officer, he said. But there was no reason for him to treat me that way. And no reason to treat my mother that way, either.

Matusz was given a ticket for an invalid license. He left that traffic stop and immediately went to the Hurst Police Department to complain.

The department reviewed the stop and determined Arnold did nothing wrong. But since videotape of Arnold kneeing and cussing at a teen surfaced, Matusz's case is being reviewed again.


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