HOUSTON From recipes to music and games, an up-and-coming app says it has just about anything you could want, and that s why its makers have named it Everything.

Even though it s a free iPhonedownload with hundreds of free apps within it, it really is a smooth operator (as long as your Internet/data connection is good). Three companies on Wednesday invested $25 million to further develop Everything.

So, what does it do?

When you open it up, it looks kind of like the main screen on your iPhone a bunch of appicons you can customize. It will even bring in the apps you have installed to your device, free or not.

Everything comes with plenty of freebies, including Google Maps, YouTube, Pinterest, Flixter, and Grooveshark Free Music. It s an excellent way to explore apps you may have never heard about before without actually downloading a bunch of stuff to your device.

Right at the topis probably the coolest feature: a search box. If you search for Justin Bieber, the app will show you dozens of apps likely to have content from the Biebs. If you search for Italian food, Everything will show you apps with Italian restaurants and recipes.

As a word of warning, as I mentioned earlier, this app runs over your data plan. If you re not on WiFi, it could eat up your monthly data allocation, and it ll run a little slow.

Yes, an Android version is on the way. You can check out the Everything website for details on beta testing.

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