HOUSTON - Officially on the schedule it was listed as a Tulane - Houston football game at Robertson Stadium, but Saturday's match-up was much more than that.

First, It was Senior Day and a tribute game to University of Houston cornerback D.J. Hayden. Hayden made his first public appearance since suffering a near fatal injury while practicing with the team earlier this month.

As a tribute to their injured teammate, all the University of Houston players wore Hayden on the back of their jerseys.

Hayden was leading Conference USA in interceptions before he was injured. He was clearly moved by the love the Cougars and their fans showed him on Saturday.

And on this special Senior Day for the Cougars, senior defensive lineman Dominic Miller made it extra special for his girlfriend Chelsea when he went down on his knee and proposed marriage.

She accepted the senior's proposal and he placed an engagement ring on her finger.

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