In a first-of-its kind study, a Washington State University researcher has pinpointed certain foods he discovered help prevent the spread of cancer.

For months Professor Gary Meadows studied Metastasis Suppressor Genes.

Metastasis Suppressor Genes are important little genes that, if you feed them right, keep cancer from spreading, or metastasizing. If they re not fed right, then the genes shut down.

Foods like garlic, broccoli and pomegranate have a positive impact on these suppressor genes. Meadows' study also found ginger and turmeric keep the cancer suppressors strong.

He does know there are more cancer snuffing foods than this study identified. He s learned that the simple act of grocery shopping should mean more than just what sounds good for dinner.

You might assume that the same foods known to prevent cancer are the same foods that keep it from spreading, but Gary says that's not always the case. That's why he says variety is so important, because each food protects you in a different way.

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