HOUSTON Garrett Luce had it all looks, smarts, a loving family and a strong faith. He was excellent at baseball and sang in the choir.

The 19-year-old also grew up in Houston and graduated with honors from the Second Baptist School.

The sophomore at Texas A&M died nearly two weeks ago.

He s in a better place now and we may not understand exactly why, student Will Radney said.

Amid the sympathies there are now suspicions over just what caused the death. Luce had been struck by a train early in the morning and he was alone.

Raquel Espinoza, a spokeswoman for Union Pacific, said he had been laying in the tracks and that the conductor did not see him moving.

The train whistle was sounded two different times, she said. He [Luce] was not wearing earphones and we don t know why he didn t respond to those warnings.

Police in College Station do not know either. They are now investigating, along with Union Pacific and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

They want to know whether Luce had been drinking. They also want to know if fraternity brothers knew where he was.

Luce had been a pledge at Kappa Alpha.

Investigators also want to learn how he ended up more than a half mile from Northgate, which is the city s commercial district.

We are looking into if he had been with friends at the Northgate district, Espinoza said.

A&M s Greek Life Department declined to say if it is investigating. For now, a great deal hinges on the results of an autopsy, which won t be released for another few weeks.

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