HOUSTON A commonly-heard request led to a violent confrontation in a southwest Houston neighborhood and a stern warning from homeowners who believe what happened to them could escalate.

That s my biggest fear right now, said Fred Clowe. These guys could hurt someone the next time.

Houston police responded to a home in the 5400 block of Cheena Street around 7 o clock Monday night following reports of an attempted robbery.

The victims were Fred Clowe and his wife Carol, along with their two female house guests.

According to Mrs. Clowe, the group was in the driveway preparing to leave to grab some dinner when a pair of men hopped out of a white car and bothered them for some money.

They said we want some money and we said we don t have any, said Mrs. Clowe.

The Clowes said they noticed one of the men wielding what looked like a weapon.

It looked like part of a golf club added Mrs. Clowe.

That s when the group decided to run to the house. The men ran after them.

We shoved the door closed and they got a lick on it, said Mr. Clowe, while pointing to the glass that was broken out of the front door.

They weren t able to get in. We had enough manpower to push the door closed and keep them out.

So far, there s only a vague description of the men. Police suspected the men could be connected to other recent break-ins in the area.

The Clowes warned their neighbors to stay cautious.

Just be careful, said Mrs. Clowe.

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