HOUSTON An alleged sexual assault at the University of Houston is raising new questions about security. Students who live at Moody Towers are especially anxious for answers.

Their dorm has cameras outside 18-stories high that look in nearly every direction. The front doors demand ID cards to enter. But student safety is up for debate given the text message students got last night.

I know my roommate was the one who brought it to my attention, said Paola Perez, a student.

I read about it in the security alert, said Kristin Jennings, another student.

That text alert from University of Houston police revealed an attack two weeks old. They said someone sexually assaulted a woman somewhere near Moody Towers.

They didn t really specify very well, Perez said. I just know it was in this area. That s kind of scary.

Police said the victim never called them. Instead, they got a letter in the mail. Authorities have a suspect. They have banned him from campus. However, they are not releasing any more details. Police said their investigation is too sensitive.

It s scary seeing (the alleged attack) was so close to the dorms, said Rebecca Aradiallas, another student.

Yeah it s scary, but I always see a cop out here and usually they re uptight about safety, said Chelsea Green, another student.

Last month, UH stepped up security after a series of on-campus robberies. Now, the university is urging students to do more.

My mom gave me some pepper spray a couple days ago, but I left it at home, Aradiallas said. So, I m going to ask her to send it to me.

I make sure not to walk alone, Jennings said. I carry my keys in my hand. I carry pepper spray and I try to be as safe as possible.

For now, that is the best advice police will offer.

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