HOUSTON The city says Houston Fire Department ambulances were involved in almost 300 wrecks over the last two years.

KHOU 11 News installed cameras on an ambulance to find out just how big the problem is.

The ambulance drivers say people are the biggest problem.

Most people don t do what they are supposed to, said HFD Ambulance Driver Brent Mosley. I m not sure if they don t know the law or if they just go into panic mode.

People in front of the ambulance are trouble enough, what s worse is what s behind.

If they are directly behind you I probably can t see them in my mirrors, Mosley said.

It s called ambulance chasing. Our cameras captured a guy on a motorcycle settling in behind the ambulance as it ran down Allen Parkway. He was not alone. A truck pulled the same move.

They were following us, Mosley said.

The tailing only stopped because the ambulance can run the red light, the other vehicles can t.

It is worst on the freeway.

There is a path and then all of a sudden everybody just floods in to try and get there, he said.

Drivers are advised to stay 500 feet from the emergency vehicle.

Part of the problem is vision and distance.

The box of the truck is so big it makes seeing anything behind tough even at 100 feet.

Mosley offers this advice to drivers:

Just stay back. Don t try and follow us, he said.

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