GALVESTON COUNTY, Texas -- It might not end up matching the record set in 2008, but with two days to go, early voter turnout in Galveston County is hefty. As of the closing of the polls on Wednesday night, more than 61,500 voters had cast ballots in the Nov. 6 general election.

If that pace continues today and the last day of early voting Friday, about 74,000 people will have voted during the 12-day early voting period.

That will still be about 4,000 voters shy of the mark set during the 2008 election, but it is still huge. It s shown with long lines at many of the county s 17 polling centers throughout early voting. That turnout has county election officials prepping for a crush of voters on Tuesday with election officials predicting that as many as 40,000 voters will go to the polls. Because the number of voters is not evenly distributed at each location, County Clerk Dwight Sullivan got with his staff to make a new game plan for the expected high turnout. Sullivan s office is charged with conducting the county s elections.

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