SAN FRANCISCO It s the first massage business of its kind this side of the Pacific, and it s landed in San Francisco. But if you seek rest and relaxation, prepare for a slap in the face.

The new Tata Massage Parlor is happy to advertise it s licensed by the state of California to slap you.

To truly understand the technique, you have to firsthand experience.

It s from ancient Thai wisdom passed down from generation to generation that Tata learned from her teacher, and it s a secret technique, said Tata Massage therapist, Mawin Sombuntham.

Tata has been face slapping for two years. Circulation is part of it, but it s optimizing the fat and tissues and muscles that are in the face.

Tata and her husband believe this will catch on as a non-invasive chemical free treatment. It costs $350 for each session. They do half the face at a time and the results they say last 6 months.

Next for the couple is butt punching. It claims to firm, and shape your rear.

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