HOUSTON A Houston municipal court judge is facing two felonies for an alleged hit-and-run incident that happened on Tuesday afternoon outside a 99 Cent store in southwest Houston.

The Harris County District Attorney s Office confirms Gladys Bransford is charged with failure to stop and render aid as well as tampering with evidence. According to officials, these charges could come with time behind bars.

The alleged victim in the case said she s relieved she was able to take down the license plate after what happened.

She entered so fast. When I saw the car coming, I tried to run, but she got me, said Graciela Al-Muhammadawy.

Al-Muhammadawy said she was walking out of the store toward her car. That s when she said the black Mercedes hit her while trying to pull into a handicap spot.

She opened the door and asked if I was OK. I said, no. I was shaking, Al-Muhammadawy explained. She said yes, I am going to call my insurance and the ambulance. She got inside the car and drove away.

KHOU 11 News attempted to get a comment from Bransford at her house. A man who came to the door identified himself as her husband, and he did not want to comment.

Bransford s neighbors described her as a good person.

She s a great individual. It s completely out of character, said neighbor Mark Ogbebor.

Neighbors said they do not want to rush to judgment.

The type of car she drives, a lot of people target you. If you re not careful, you ll be accused of something you didn t do, said neighbor Homer Walker.

Al-Muhammadawy said her pain is real.

She said she is on pain medication and has received a number of X-rays. Her left hand is visibly swollen and bruised.

Why did this happen? It shouldn t happen, especially with a person who represents the law and enforces the law, added Al-Muhammadawy.

Muhammadawy said she wants to thank a witness who helped her after accident. That man gave a statement to police.

Officials say Bransford has not been formally arrested.

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