SPRING A well known music instructor in The Woodlands area is being remembered by the community as a caring man who taught through passion.

Larry Asher died in a freak accident in The Woodlands on Thursday morning.

Investigators said it started with a flat tire change on an elevated ramp at The Woodlands Parkway and Interstate 45.

Asher s spare began rolling off the bridge. That s when he reportedly reached out and fell to his death.

I was talking to him last night, right here where we are standing, and now he s gone, said Kevin Matta, who owns a hair salon across from Asher s business.

Asher taught music for over 30 years. He was well known in the community for his guitar lessons.

He ran Pro Music Instruction on Sawdust in Spring with two close friends. The business was closed on Thursday, and surrounding business owners were in shock over the news.

We went back and forth. I own this business he owns that business. Every time we spoke, he seemed like a genuinely good person, explained Ervin West, another neighboring business owner.

Police say several witnesses saw Asher fall, but it happened so quickly there was nothing they could do to help.

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