HOUSTON Freddie Smith is a 550-pound man disabled by a lifetime of bad habits, genetic predisposition and a motorcycle wreck that left him unable to exercise or even walk.

But after a public plea for help to save his life he received an offer Tuesday that he couldn t refuse.

Dr. Kota Reddy, a cardiologist from Sugar Land, saw Smith s story on KHOU 11 and offered his services for free. Reddy, while focused on heart health and the prevention and reversal of heart disease, has also experienced dramatic results in weight loss among his patients. He markets a line of products he calls Reddy Bread that allows patients to eat breads that do not raise blood sugar. He says a test of 100 diabetics showed their blood sugar did not go up while eating the doctor s bread products.

In the next 30 days he should see a remarkable improvement, said Dr. Reddy after meeting with Smith for the first time and getting his promise to follow a strict-diet regimen that includes consuming no caffeine. But again it depends on how motivated he is and how much (he) is willing to push. But if he sticks to the diet and the exercise I told him he will see a dramatic, dramatic change.

Reddy predicts that with a diet curtailing salt, sugars, and starch, combined with a moderate exercise program that Smith could begin with as much as a 50-pound weight loss in the first 30 days.

Thank you for saying yes, Dr. Reddy said to Smith when they met at Smith s small rented home in Pearland.

Oh thank you for coming up with it, said Smith who was hoping for a weight-loss program that would not include surgery, such as a gastric bypass.

Dr. Reddy, who plans to compile of a video diary of Smith s first year on the diet, predicts he could lose 200 pounds if he adheres to the diet and exercise program.

But it is obvious that Smith s spirits improved immediately. He began flirting with the female nurse who accompanied Dr. Reddy to Smith s Pearland home.

Actually when I lose all this weight I m kinda cute, Smith told her. And I m a lot of fun too!

Since our first story aired, Freddie has also been offered a job as a truck driver again. The job is waiting for him as soon as he gets his 6 5 frame down to a healthier weight.

Things weren t looking so good for me last week, he said. Now everything s going forward. I m as happy as I can be.

We will be following Freddie s progress to see if the offer from a local doctor will also lead him to a happier and healthier future.


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