HOUSTON Six recent armed robberies where victims were targeted in their own driveways have homeowners in Oak Forest concerned.

In the Oak Forest neighborhood in northwest Houston, crime prevention seemed under control until two weeks ago.

The first thing that came to me is, gosh, this is it, said Thomas Escalante, a victim of one of the robberies.

Escalante was held up at gunpoint in his own driveway as he came home late from work.

As soon as I got out my car, they rushed me with a gun and put it to my head and just demanded my wallet, Escalante said.

One week later, there were six more victims, several attacked the same way. In response, neighbors are building new fences and more.

[Online, neighbors] said some of these [crimes] are happening in the evenings and we can t even run around and play with our children outside because we re scared, said Marlene Casares, a neighbor.

Things worsened when a homeowner said thieves broke in, stole a purse, cell phone and the family s eight-year-old bull terrier overnight.

We ve been starting to talk [with one another], Casares said.

Neighbors are doing more than talking or sharing suspect information online.

I ve used some maps and plotted where people have been robbed, Escalante said.

They re doing everything possible to help police catch the men responsible.

We re going to get security and do something about it, Casares said. This has to stop.

Police are still working to identify suspects involved in the crimes.

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