KELLER Talk about a friendship.

Two little girls touched by a stranger's struggle made a generous sacrifice.

Emma Routh was surprised this weekend with free tickets to Justin Bieber's October 29 concert in Dallas.

Seven-year-old Emma has a rare blood disorder, and is a huge fan of the pop star... but her family couldn't afford to take her.

That's when Dawson Beaty and her friend Samantha Brown decided to step in. They heard about Emma on Facebook, and were so moved the two girls decided to donate their tickets.

I wanted to go to the Justin Bieber concert, but she really wanted to go, so I let her have my Justin Bieber concert tickets, Dawson explained.

The girls had never met each other before; in fact, Emma lives 120 miles away.

Their mothers supported the donation, giving new meaning to the phrase Facebook friends.

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