CONROE The mother of a woman accused of a shooting and killing a young mom and kidnapping her baby said her daughter cannot receive a fair trial.

I don t think my child will get a fair trial, said Jeanette Jackson. I don t.

Jackson s daughter, Verna McClain, has spent the last several months behind bars.

Authorities said McClain fatally shot Kala Golden Schuchardt in the parking lot of a pediatric clinic in spring last April.

She could face the death penalty if she is convicted.

But her mother accuses McClain s court-appointed attorneys of dropping the ball with her daughter s defense.

I didn t pick Verna s counsel. They were given to her, she said.

Jackson also claimed her daughter s rights were being violated in jail because she had been denied her heart medication.

Jackson said she just wants everyone s pain to stop and said that she doesn t believe her daughter should die for what she did because of her state of mind at the time.

I don t believe Verna s guilty. There s laws that constitute people like Verna not being guilty, Jackson said.

The victim s husband, Keith Schuchardt, reacted strongly to Jackson s remarks.

With what McClain did, my wife didn t have a fair trial either, he said. She didn t even have a chance.

The defense attorney in this matter said his firm is working as hard as it can on the case.

The prosecutor said the notion McClain can t get a fair trial doesn t hold water.

And a jail official insisted McClain is being treated like any other inmate.

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