HOUSTON The Texans are5-0 after their win against the Jets Monday night and some fans are going to extremes to show their support.

At Artistic Impressions, seasonal demand is creating a bull market for Houston Texans fans willing to spend $60 to $150 on team tattoos.

We get every week, people emailing, calling coming by asking for Texans tattoo. We do them quite often, said tattoo artist Michael Ashford.

I ll wait for theSuper Bowl, said Texans fan Cody Beers.

I did have the Texans emblem cut out in my head. But, no tattoos, said fan Pete Rios.

Inside Academy, fans encouraged by last night s win looked to score too.

I prefer Texans stuff. I have to rep my Texans whenever, said Rios.

I got the jersey, I got the hat, I got the hoodie I got the pajama pants. So I m all set now, said Beers.

Andrew Szpack, a Houstonian from Poland, is now learning the game.

Number 99... J.J, said Szpack.

Seeing the Texans on Monday night football made his family so excited he s buying Texans gifts for his wife.

I m excited. I know the rules, said Szpack. Beautiful. I m so excited yesterday the game. The Texans have new fan!

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