HOUSTON--A number of League City women gathering for breakfast could be any group of friends, but before they sit at the table there s a shootout on the range.

It s an event organized by A Girl and a Gun, a shooting club for women only.

Larissa Evans signed up a few months ago and her main motivation was to learn how to protect herself.

I m a single female, I only have my mom at home, my dogs are no help. It s a really big help knowing I can protect myself if absolutely necessary, said Evans.

The club in League City started a year ago with 12 women. Now there are more than 100 hitting the range.

They aren t alone. Statistics show the number of women in Texas applying for concealed weapons has gone up 266-percent over the last 10 years. The fastest growing group among them is black women, up 485-percent.

Members of the club learn gun skills how to load, grip and fire.

They don t feel helpless anymore. They feel like they have an option for personal protection, said Tracy Hughes.

And for anyone who doubts their abilities, just watch their group at target practice.

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