HOUSTON Their car broke down in the middle of a Houston freeway in the middle of the night. Before they had a chance to react, a car slammed into the back of them on the North Loop early Wednesday morning.

It s a dangerous situation, it s something you have to evaluate and you have to make a quick decision, said an officer on the scene.

The crash happened around 1:30 a.m. near the Ella exit.

The driver of the black Dodge Charger told a witness she didn t see the stalled gray Infiniti.

She said he was sitting in the middle of the freeway, and he had no tail lights but he was sitting in the middle of the freeway and she didn t see him until she had already gotten on him and it was too late, said Tequandra Chizer who rushed to the scene to help.

The impact was so great, police said the Infiniti spun around and the Dodge hit it again from the front.

The driver of the black car that hit them, she was standing beside the door of their car, trying to help the driver of the car, cause he was taking breaths like every 20 seconds, Chizer said. I did try to help them, but we could not open the door on the passenger side so we couldn t touch her, and we didn t know if his neck was broken or not.

The driver in the sedan died at the scene. He has been identified as Troung Tran. His sister was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

It s unclear how long the Infiniti sat on the freeway before it was hit.

It s kind of a no win situation, if you stay in the car and the vehicle is struck, you re going to be in danger, said HPD Capt. Larry Baimbridge. Get out of the car, get to a safe place and then call 911 so first responders can get to the scene and keep anyone else from striking the vehicle.

The woman behind the wheel of the Charger was not hurt.

Police said an investigation was ongoing.

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