BOLIVAR PENINSULA, Texas Many people on Bolivar Peninsula were parked in front of their televisions as Isaac rolled ashore, stirring up memories of Hurricane Ike.

Not Carole Hamadey. She s avoiding coverage of the storm.

I don t want to expose myself to that. It just reopens a lot of wounds for me, she said.

Hamadey thought she was going to die during Hurricane Ike four years ago.

The 65-year-old was forced to ride out the storm after a visitor refused to leave her bed and breakfast.

Hamadey said it looked like a tsunami as the storm surge sent Gulf waters 14 feet over her balcony and into her home. A helicopter had to rescue Hamadey and her guest.

By the grace of God I survived it, she said.

Now she refuses to get worked up over storms in the Gulf.

Why get yourself all stressed out? I just chose not to expose myself to that again, Hamadey said.

For her, it s all part of living in a little piece of paradise.

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