HOUSTON In this day and age, people are using undercover cameras to spy at home and catch wrongdoing in the act. The cameras are the eyes that are watching when you can t.

Just this week, a Houston nanny was arrestedafter she was allegedly caught on camera trying to suffocate a baby, carrying her around by the head and tossing her into the crib.

Tirza Bethsaida Maganawascharged with endangering a childafter the baby s parents set up a surveillance camera at home. Authorities say Magana admitted she'd tried to smother the baby more than once.

With modern day technology, it s getting easier to watch the people who watch your children, or anyone you want caught on camera.

Spy Emporium, in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston, says its most frequent customers are people who want to spy on nannies or cheating spouses.

They might see their kids with scars or bruises, and they just need to know what s going on, said Angel Araiza with Spy Emporium.

Araiza said the people who come into Spy Emporium want closure.

The amount of devices there are available to chose from might surprise you.

The spying equipment ranges in price. The cheapest at the store is an MP3 player for about $80, and one of the most expensive is a DVD player for approximately $600.

Other items include a set of speakers shaped like a panda s head, a fake lighter and a mini car model that can record for an hour and a half.

If they expect the husband or wife is cheating on them, or in this case the nanny, they have the peace of mind, saying, OK my kid is taken care of, explained Araiza.

According to Araiza, many of the items are also popular for spying at the office. He pointed to a pair of glasses that can capture an unsuspecting face-to-face conversation.

Most of the devices have a standard or micro SD card. Once you re ready to view the recording, you can easily upload it onto a computer.

Some of the latest inventory is equipped with Wi-Fi, so you can watch live as it is recording.

It might sound extreme, but what if it could help you catch someone in the act.

Cheating spouse, I don t know about that one. If I go looking for it then I may just find something that I probably don t want to know, said Jonathan Casanova, of Houston.

The question is: How far would you go to find out the truth?

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