LAKE JACKSON, Texas An elderly man was getting a little help from his friends in Lake Jackson, after renters left his property trashed.

When 77-year-old Nick Carrizales evicted the tenants for late rent, neighbors said they left with two U-Hauls worth of stuff.

But what they left behind in the home on Wisteria Street was shocking.

Empty prescription bottles, boxes of books, dead animals, animal feces, baby toys, baby beds, baby clothes, and anything you could think of, neighbor Brittany Espinoza said. I m a mother, and to know that there were children living in that house is just beyond me.

Just filth. Words cannot describe what we ve seen. This is worse than any TV show and TLC series I ve seen in my life ever, neighbor Terri Carasco said.

The home smelled so bad, the tenants had filled it ankle deep with moth balls, and the place was simply packed with junk.

But Carrizales family and neighbors pitched in to clean up the place an effort that took a whole day.

They said the elderly homeowner had a stroke a few weeks ago from all the stress, and it was the least they could do to help.

Knowing that this man had strokes and these people were just so awful to him, I wanna come out and help, Espinoza said.

One of the former tenants talked to us on the phone. He said they were harassed for about six months by the landlord. They finally moved out Thursday morning and said they didn t have enough help to move all their stuff out, so they left it.

I just cannot believe that somebody would do something like this to a kind-hearted man, Carasco said.

Carrizales said he had to pay the city $750 to have them come out and haul the mess away. He s hoping that s all he ll have to pay.

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