HOUSTON An eye-catching fashion at the London Olympics is bringing attention to Houston.

People just can t seem to take their eyes off the flashy grill being worn this year by Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte.

He showed the jeweled mouthpiece, which had an American flag design, to reporters as he showed off his medal.

One of the creators of the custom grill is Houston rapper Paul Wall.

Wall said he never expected that the grill would get so much national attention. He said he s been a part of three previous grills that Ryan Lochte has worn.

This one, for one reason for another, is shining in the spotlight.

I didn t think it was going to get anywhere near this amount of momentum. All the grill whoopla, it s been a lot of fun for us, said Paul Wall.

The grill was created at Johnny Dang Co. outside Sharpstown Mall in Houston.

Of course I was excited he won anyway, but when I seen him wearing our product. Of course we felt a strong connection for Houston, for Texas, but also for the grills in general, Wall said.

Paul Wall did not want to say exactly how much the grill cost, but he did say the grills typically range in price from $15,000 to $25,000.

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