DeSOTO, Texas- Every morning it's the same thing.

[He] opens the door, gives a little salute, says 'P-56 reporting for duty,' said assistant golf pro Adrian Kelly. Toss him a key, and out the door he goes.

Ray Pollock, 92, plays at least twice a week at Thorntree Country Club, and his goal is always to shoot better than his age. He's a retired accountant who didn't begin playing golf until he was about 40 years old, at a company outing.

I won the booby prize, Pollock said of that day more than five decades ago. Shot 154 and won a book on how to play golf, by Byron Nelson, as my prize.

The only thing he's done longer than golf is go to church, and he said he tries to behave himself now, so when he goes to heaven, he'll get a caddie.

It's worth trying hard to get to heaven, because up in heaven I understand they still have caddies, Pollock said. And I'd like to have a caddie one more time to go around 18 holes with.


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