HOUSTON Plans for a Project X -style party at a southeast Houston venue were canceled Wednesday after the venue managers backed out.

Promoters said it was simply a back-to-school party with a fun theme and plenty of security.  However, it s the way invitations were sent that concerned police and drove management to change their minds.

On their YouTube video, promoters called it Project TX. If given the chance, promoters hoped it would be the biggest Project X -style party in Texas. That was before their venue s manager saw their promotional tool.

Online, Project TX promoters were selling $10 tickets and using Twitter to generate interest and invite guests.  Those promoters said security was not going to be a problem.

However, Houston police said parents should always be wary of parties where invitations are sent via social media.

Many of these parties don t have metal detectors or enough security, said Lieutenant Randall Upton of the Houston Police Department.

In March, a similar party that was promoted online ended in disaster. A teenager was shot and killed. Police recently arrested the alleged shooter in that incident.

Still, Project TX promoters insist they have a better track record and protect their guests.

If it s a party where we project a couple thousand people, we get enough security for that, said Justin Phillips, one of the Project TX promoters. If we don t think it s going to be that big, we get enough security for that.

Despite their promise, they lost their contract to throw a party at the Knights of Columbus venue in southeast Houston.

I feel like I was lied to, said Nick Meza, manager of the Knights of Columbus venue.

His bosses thought they were renting space to a back-to-school party for a few hundred people, not 2,000. No longer comfortable with their potential liability, the venue owners closed their doors to Project TX.

Promoters said they will still have a party on August 3, somewhere else in town.

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