HOUSTON A father has finally been reunited with his children after the tragic shooting of a young mother by her infant s kidnapper.

On April 17, Kayla Golden Schuchardt had just taken her baby Keegan, then only days old, for his first visit to the doctor when she was allegedly gunned down by Verna McClain, who then kidnapped the child.

McClain had recently had a miscarriage and claims she was suffering from post-partum depression.

The baby was quickly found, but CPS took him and his siblings away from their father.

After being scrutinized by protective services, Keith Schuchardt now has sole custody of the two boys he shared with Kayla.

It s kind of nice, seeing their mom in them. It makes me happy. It makes me smile and sometimes it makes me sad knowing they re going to be without their mom for the rest of their lives, said Schuchardt.

Schuchardt, who s going to school to become a machinist, says his only focus in life at this point is to do the best he can for his children.

He said he wants people to know everything is fine with the family.

I m with my kids, he said. And we re going to make it through this.

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