DILLEY-- Freeman is a long-tailed macaque born in captivity. The 10-year-old monkey spent his entire life in a small cage.

Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary in Dilley,Texas rescued the monkey from Midland, Michigan. Freeman's owners reportedly forced him to inhale marijuana, drink alcohol and eat dog food.

Monkeys like to do what monkeys like to do when they want to do it and being denied that their entire lives drives them literally crazy, said sanctuary director Tim Ajax. Allegedly, he was forced to get high on marijuana, smoke blown in his face. We're not sure, we weren't there... and of course he was given alcohol.

Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary has 527 primates and expects 113 macaques fromSan Antonio in about three weeks.

The sanctuary takes up 186 acres in La Salle County and has been home to monkeys since 1996.

It costs $120,000 a year to feed the animals and the sanctuary depends on donations from the public.

For now, Freeman is still living alone, butsoon, workers will begin searching for his lifetime buddy.

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