HOUSTON Houstonians have expressed mixed opinions about the United States Supreme Court s historic ruling to uphold the president s health care law.

The new insurance plan upset Phoebe Jenkins.

It s not fair if you can t afford it, she said.

The elderly woman was catching a bus in the rain in downtown Houston when we talked to her.

A bike repair tech who doesn t have insurance said he thinks the plan goes too far.

The new plan requires people to buy insurance.

I don t think it should be mandatory, Cody Bradshaw said.

Those who don t buy coverage must pay a tax.

I don t know how I ll pay for it, said Lynn Landry, a single mother who works at an Edible Arrangements shop in Pearland.

Her co-worker, Tara Zamora, said the new plan will pay off in the end. Zamora has six children and she said most of her paycheck goes to insurance costs.

Zamora said her employer offered a lower-priced plan.

Angela Hankins believes Obama s plan will lowerthe cost of insurance for many people.

She says current insurance costs are not affordable.

Landry is not covered and she s now hoping to get coverage.

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