HOUSTON An entire community rallied around Chad Holley and his family after avideo of him being beaten by Houston police officers during a burglary arrest was made public.

But now, as the teen walked out of jail Thursday after yet another arrest for burglary many of those supporters said they were simply disappointed.

Quanell X, who was with Holley when he posted bond, met with other activists Thursday evening to discuss their next steps in the case. Quanell X led the charge in rallying around Holley and demanding justice from police officers after the beatingvideo surfaced.

The surveillance video was turned over to the activist by a woman who has since lost her job.

I don t regret it, because like I said from the beginning, this really wasn t about Chad Holley, Cyndi Peyton said.

But on Wednesday, deputies arrested Holley and three of his friends in connection with a burglary at a northwest Harris County home.

Holley was convicted in the 2010 burglary and given probation.

Many of those who supported him were left shaking their heads at the news of the most recent arrest.

Krystal Muhammad, along with two others, even went to jail trying to bend the ear of prosecutors after an all-white jury found former HPD officer Andrew Blomberg not guilty of official oppression in the Holley case.

The system that we say has been racist and unjust from the inception, it s bigger than Chad Holley. Sure, he is one. But he is one of thousands of victims of injustice, Muhammad said.

Activist Jean Wilkins-Denver suggested that Holley s most recent arrest is simply a sign that he needs better support.

We cannot look at Chad Holley and extricate him from his teenage psychological problems. We have to look at him as someone who needed support that he was not getting, Wilkins-Denver said.

Barber Bruce Knighton said he was disappointed.

I don t think he should be beat, but I feel he let the whole community down, Knighton said. I m almost speechless with that question, just to be honest with you.

Barber Rico Roberts agreed.

We re fighting so hard to fight injustice ... And he let us down by getting arrested again on the same charge. That s what shoots us in the foot every time, is when we fight for you and then you turn around and you shoot us in the foot, Roberts said.

Ali Muhammad with the National Black United Front said Holley s arrest changed nothing.

Before the week is over, someone will be getting beat by the police department, so we re still fighting against that, and what happened to Chad Holley doesn t change one thing, Ali Muhammad said.

Quanell X himself expressed anger with Holley s actions especially after everything the community did to support him.

This young man does not understand the magnitude of the sacrifices that people made to help him. I am angry as hell because we put our freedom on the line, we put our life on the line, we put our resources on the line. People have dug into their pockets to help this man, the activist said. I am so angry, I could take off my own damn belt and spank his ass.

Three other officers have been charged in connection with the beating, but have not yet gone to trial.

As of Thursday evening, the three other suspects arrested with Holley Wednesday remained in jail.

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