HOUSTON Chad Holley s mother said there s a reason for his latest brush with the law: he was off his meds.

Holley, 18, and three friends were arrested on a burglary charge in northwest Harris County Wednesday.

The young man whose story got national attention after he was beaten by Houston Police during a previous arrest was released from jail Thursday morning.

That 2010 beating sparked outrage across the nation, and community activist Quanell X led the charge in demanding justice.

He was by Holley s side again Thursday and later held a news conference with Holley s mother, Joyce.

They said Chad Holley is prescribed three psychotropic medications, including the anti-depressant Mirtazapine.

He had refused to take his medicine for months now. Ms. Holley explained to me that once he refused to take those medications he became a totally different young man, Quanell X said.

When asked if she felt that her son had let her down Joyce Holley said simply, No.

He would not listen to her anymore. He was aggressive in his response toward her, Quanell X said. He would be confused and she would tell him take your med take your meds.

Quanell X says the Holley family has a history of mental health issues.

The activist said Wednesday night that Holley does not seem to have any grasp of the magnitude of his actions or their impact.

This young man does not understand the magnitude of the sacrifices that people made to help him. I am angry as hell because we put our freedom on the line, we put our life on the line, we put our resources on the line, he said. People have dug into their pockets to help this man, the activist said. I am so angry, I could take off my own damn belt and spank his ass.

The four officers seen in the videotaped beating of Holley were fired and charged with official oppression.

An all-white jury found Andrew Blomberg not guilty last month. Three officers are still awaiting trial.

I want a speedy trial and jurors in Harris County to decide the fate of Mr. Holley and the accused officers, said District Attorney Pat Lykos.

Holley was convicted and sentenced to probation for the 2010 burglary.

He could face prison time if convicted this time around.

The other suspects Donald Wesley Toran,19; Paulus Ramone Jackson, 18; and Alexander O Neal Babbs, 20 -- had not bonded out as of Thursday evening.

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